Lutheran Hymn Quiz

The Internet seems to be loaded with Lutheran quizzes lately, intended to determine whether one is a lifetime Lutheran.  They are so easy that Baptists, Methodists, United, have scored 100%.  So I decided to write a Lutheran Hymn Quiz that is a little more challenging.  The answers are at the bottom.  I suggest you take the quiz without referring to your hymnal.  Good luck!

  1.  Which hymn was not written by Martin Luther?
    1. Isaiah, Mighty Seer
    2. Thy Strong Word
    3. To Thee, Omniscient Lord of All
  2. In Peace and Joy I Now Depart was written by Luther as a substitute for which part of the liturgy?
    1. The Kyrie
    2. The Nunc Dimittis
    3. The Agnus Dei
  3. A Mighty Fortressis based on which Psalm?
    1. Psalm 23
    2. Psalm 130
    3. Psalm 46
  4. In which century did the source for Savior of the Nations, Comeoriginate?
    1. 4th
    2. 12th
    3. 16th
  5. Whose voice is sounding in Hark! A Thrilling Voice is Sounding?
    1. Isaiah
    2. Jesus
    3. John the Baptist
  6. “Soul, adorn yourself with…”
    1. Jesus’ righteousness
    2. Hope
    3. Gladness
  7. “Thy strong ______________ didst cleave the darkness”
    1. Peace
    2. Word
    3. Sword
  8. “Dearest Jesus, we are here…”
    1. to baptize a child
    2. to pray together
    3. to commune together
  9.  “From depths of _________ I cry to Thee”
    1. earth
    2. hell
    3. woe
  10. Which of the following hymns was written by Paul Gerhardt?
    1. Awake, My Heart, with Gladness
    2. Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Thy Word
    3. Abide With Me
  11. Who wrote O Sacred Head, Now Wounded?
    1. J. S. Bach
    2. Paul Gerhardt
    3. Michael Praetorius
  12. Which of the following Lutheran composers was not a pastor?
    1. Philipp Nicolai
    2. J. S. Bach
    3. Paul Gerhardt
  13. Which of the following hymns were notwritten in the 20thCentury?
    1. When In Our Music God is Glorified
    2. Take My Life and Let It Be
    3. What Is This Bread?
  14. Where are Children of the Heavenly Father gathered?
    1. In church
    2. In heaven
    3. In the Father’s bosom
  15. In the first verse of the hymn Beautiful Saviorwhat great doctrine of the church is not affirmed?
    1. The Creation
    2. The Incarnation
    3. The Resurrection
  16. Which hymn is known as the “king of chorales”?
    1. Wake, Awake, for Night is Flying
    2. Awake My Heart With Gladness
    3. O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright